The Spirit of a Nation

The spirit of small towns across America reflect the spirit of our nation. It is from these grass roots that the values of our country grow.

We at America is Growing believe that at both a national and community level, our country is facing challenges and embracing new concepts that directly impact our health, environment and American ingenuity.

Facing challenges and effecting change is not unprecedented. There have been many times in American history when the need to answer a "call to service" was urgent. From the days of the Victory Gardens to the response to disasters, both natural and man-made, Americans have responded.

It can be said that the heart and spirit of America takes strength from serving in times of need. With such issues as the epidemic of childhood obesity, the search for alternative energy sources, and the need to stimulate American industry, that time is now. America is Growing is watching as people across our country are starting to unite and work together to create a better and healthier future. School programs teaching gardening, the advantages of nutritious food, farming as a career, community gardens, environmental awareness, farmers markets and a drive to create Green and "Made in America" products are all part of this new developing picture.

It is our intent to tell the stories of these efforts, support the programs they represent, and focus on the positive ways people are creating change. We urge you to heed this new "call-to-service" and become involved. The time is now to plant the seeds for a new and healthier tomorrow.

Celebrate American Communities

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed,
it is the only thing that ever has."
                                                -Margaret Mead
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Celebrate Community Gardening

Community gardens are springing up across the country.

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A timely and important view
of the history surrounding
Food, Nutrition and the
American Food Revolution
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What We Stand For

We stand for continuous research that studies how the adoption of healthy lifestyle choices can combat chronic disease, childhood obesity and diabetes: American Healthy Lifestyle Study.

Our guiding star leads you across America to small towns and cities where the adoption of new sustainable ways of living by people and organizations are taking place. Read about these people in our Community Spotlight section.

We showcase Green Made in America products and the direct correlation this Green movement has to the adoption of healthy lifestyles. Visit Charlie at our Country Store and learn how he is creating a way to have our star shine on American ingenuity and the people who want to support it.


Use your favorite social network and help spread the America is Growing message of how we can can work together to create a Sustainable tomorrow.